Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well guess what? Nothing much has happened to me of late because i work and am in saving mode. So basically thats just means that when i finish work, i go home and drink beer and watch youtube unstill i fall asleep.  rock. Oh except this weekend, going to the wineries on sunday for my mates birthday, gonna be awesome. Yeah but anyway, the interesting thing today is that i was at the marion shopping mall and there was a guy there dressed as a gorilla.

OH, HAI !!!!!
That not the thing that got to me though, cos it wasn't a guy wearing a gorilla suit to promote some store or something. He wasn't handin out flyers about a new smoothie place or telling us that we should all eat more fruit. You want to know what the man in the gorilla suit was doing in the shopping mall? it's actually pretty obvious. you want to know?

He was shopping.

Yep, he was there for the same reason as everyone else, off to the shops to gets some bits and bobs. There he is, with his trolley, and his bags and his assorted cerials and potato chips and etc, he even was wearing a back pack. We're talking about a perfectly normal shopping situation here....


And yet, why not? you know? I like it the more i think about it, i just imagine this movie style montage of that guy infront of the mirror trying to suss out what he was gonna wear down at the shops. 'Hmmmm, khaki shorts?, striped t-shirt? no. hooded sweat shirt? Hmmm well its early spring, its not too hot yet but its not overy cold either....what to wear?.................Fuck it, Gorilla suit.' Bang.

 I would've taken a photo, just he was bieng pretty closely protected by Sigorney Weaver.

And it was misty.

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