Friday, September 10, 2010

Cloud gazing just paid off

Just a quick one, earlier, i was sledge-hammering (its a word, look it up) some concrete and it took ages and i got really really puffed out, so i had a bit of a lie down. so there i am gazing up at the sky when a cloud drifts past. now, i've seen clouds that look like things before, but i'm talking abut it looking like a tree, or a dog, or ghost (like Patrick Swayze...what, too soon?) but i shit you not, the cloud i saw yeterday looked exactly like the frog from the warner brothers cartoons that whips out a top hat and sings for that one guy.

I swear to God.

You know the one? and then he just sits there and ribbets (its a word, look it up) when that one man tries to show it to other people, thus rendering people's public perception of said man as a bat-shit crazy lunatic. Aptly enough, when i tried to point it out to my co-worker, thats the look he gave me, cos the cloud then looked like this.


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