Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shit!! No Brakes!!.........AGAIN!!!!

Third time for me, I'm not too lucky when it comes to brakes on vehicles. Actually, on second thoughts, maybe I'm very lucky when it comes to brakes on cars, considering on three seperate occasion, I have been driving a car, the brakes have failed, and I have always managed to walk away from it totally unharmed, car unharmed too. AAAACTUALLY, interesting thing is, about a week before the first time it happened, I bought a book called 'the worst case scenario hand-book' and it had all these instructions for what to do in all these terrible situations. Things like 'how to land a plane on water', or 'how to jump from one building to another' aaaaand 'What to do if your car brakes fail'. Thankfully i read it and REMEMBERED it. Totally kept my the fonz y'all.

I fucked your girlfriend lol.

Oh! and another ting. Haven't blogged for freakin ages cos some crack heads stole my lap top out of my car while I was at a pub quiz. Shit house, came third in the quiz, so no bar coupon so thats just epically shit to begin with, and then! My lap top, my mystical portal to the outside world and staple instrument of internet piracy, and someone had the nerve and tenacity to steal it! PRICKS!!!!

But hey, got my ew laptop now and its killer awesome. Slight problem though, is that I've been downloading so much stuff, that I've maxed out the download work. It's bad, cos no one has said anyhting yet, and the internet has slowed down to dial up speeds,  and I hate that, the internet you remember as a ten year old, when you would wait fifteen minutes for the other breast to load. Anyway, I'm rambling,

I'm gonna go sniff some glue and watch ghostbusters, let's see where that gets me.

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